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Dina Fliss

President & Chief Investment Strategist

Ms. Fliss is directly responsible for the portfolio construction of Global View Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios ("GTAC") & the Tactical Asset Allocation Fund, GPS model portfolios, Tactical Hard Asset, Tactical Emerging Markets, and Global Macro strategies, sub-advised through Flexible Plan Investments. She is co-founder of Global View Capital Management, Ltd., and Global View Capital Holdings, Ltd. Ms. Fliss has been researching and developing model portfolios and actively managed strategies since 1995. When Ms. Fliss was employed at World Marketing Alliance from October 1991 through April 2001, she co-developed model portfolios and designed marketing programs utilizing the science of Modern Portfolio Theory. From March 2003 through November 2010, Ms. Fliss was the Executive Director of Investment Advisors International, a SEC-Registered firm with the AEGON Group. She co-developed actively managed strategies and identified Third Party Managers specializing in actively managed strategies for the platform. In December 2011, Ms. Fliss formed her own SEC-Registered firm. She is the co-founder of Global View Capital Advisors, a network of over 150 registered representatives, investment advisor representatives and insurance agents throughout the U.S. and Canada. She attended the University of Wisconsin studying mathematics and physics. Ms. Fliss's experience includes quantitative analysis and modeling, sales and marketing and business development in both the U.S. and Canada.

Dean Fliss

President of Global View Capital Advisors & Insurance

As one of the finest mentors and coaches on business building, Dean has been instrumental in developing leaders and advisors into high performance entrepreneurs for over 30 years. His business development systems have been used by thousands of financial service professionals all over North America and earned him senior executive status within a global Fortune 100 company.

Dean is the founder and President of Global View Capital Advisors, a company dedicated to meeting the demands of a modern financial industry aimed at requiring a fiduciary standard of care during one of the most tectonic shifts in global finance. He has a passion to develop the next generation of business owners and founded the firm to provide the resources necessary to empower entrepreneurial-minded professionals to lead the future. His vision and leadership has built one of the most innovative business models in the industry.   

Dave Morton

Director of Research & Portfolio Manager

Mr. Morton is directly responsible for the portfolio construction of Globalview Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios ("GTAC") and the Tactical Asset Allocation Fund. He is also directly responsible for the portfolio construction of the Tactical Hard Assets, Tactical Emerging Markets, and Global Macro Strategies, sub-advised through Flexible Plan Investments. He is the Founder and Editor of AdvisorGuide, a quantitative research firm delivering clear, specific, objective and timely guidance since 1999. Mr. Morton served from 2006-2011 as Chief Research Officer and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Foxhall Capital Management, Inc., an SEC-registered firm delivering tactically managed strategies and portfolios for separately managed accounts, variable contracts and the Transamerica Series Trust. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and a longtime member of the National Association for Active Investment managers (NAAIM) where he served on the Board. Mr. Morton is a member of the Market Technicians Association (MTA) and the Financial Planning Association (FPA).

Barry Arnold

Barry S. Arnold

Portfolio Manager & Research Analyst

Mr. Arnold is a member of the Global View Capital Management investment team and directly responsible for the portfolio construction and monitoring of Global View Tactical Allocation Portfolios (GTAC), as well as research and due diligence on any third-party money managers, signal providers, mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that GVCM may offer on the investment platform. Mr. Arnold spent 30 years on the buy-side as portfolio manager for a large-cap, value-oriented money manager for individual and institutional clients. Duties included asset allocation, stock selection and daily portfolio monitoring. He also was editor of The Primary Trend investment letter, a monthly newsletter published by the firm since 1979. His investment skills include fundamental, technical and behavioral analysis.  Mr. Arnold currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Sims Total Return Fund as an outside director. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (Class of ’87) with a BBA in finance & accounting and served as a director of the Alumni Board from 2003-2008.