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Dina Fliss

Dina Fliss

President & Chief Investment Strategist

Ms. Fliss is directly responsible for the portfolio construction of Global View Tactical Asset Allocation Portfolios ("GTAC") & the Tactical Asset Allocation Fund, GPS model portfolios, Tactical Hard Asset, Tactical Emerging Markets, and Global Macro strategies, sub-advised through Flexible Plan Investments.

She is co-founder of Global View Capital Management, Ltd., and Global View Capital Holdings, Ltd. Ms. Fliss has been researching and developing model portfolios and actively managed strategies since 1995. When Ms. Fliss was employed at World Marketing Alliance from October 1991 through April 2001, she co-developed model portfolios and designed marketing programs utilizing the science of Modern Portfolio Theory. From March 2003 through November 2010, Ms. Fliss was the Executive Director of Investment Advisors International, a SEC-Registered firm with the AEGON Group. She co-developed actively managed strategies and identified Third Party Managers specializing in actively managed strategies for the platform. In December 2011, Ms. Fliss formed her own SEC-Registered firm.

She is the co-founder of Global View Capital Advisors, a network of over 150 registered representatives, investment advisor representatives and insurance agents throughout the U.S. and Canada. She attended the University of Wisconsin studying mathematics and physics.

Ms. Fliss's experience includes quantitative analysis and modeling, sales and marketing and business development in both the U.S. and Canada.